Secure, Web based Elections

Simple, secure and reliable online election solution for your school or organization.

How to get Started.


An easy to use web page for voters to from using any web browser on any device with internet access.


Each voter has a unique "Voter ID" and "Password" and can only vote once.


Abatow delivers instant result and gives you reports which includes the voter’s ID and the time they voted.

How does it work?


We set it up for you.

We setup and manage the infrastructure based on the data you provided and create a custom link just for your election.

You Control Your Election

Use the admin page to control your election. With admin access you can start and stop your election.

Option to publish the Results

When the election is over you can choose to publish it so that everyone can see the results.

Abatow - After your election is setup.

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How to get Started

We have prepared a quick guide to help you get started.